sâmbătă, 13 august 2016

small review of the TourWizard Software

Today I am going to make a small review of the TourWizard Software provider which is in fact one of the most important software providers from the real estate industry, as it pushes lead generation and sales in the online marketing channels.

The first objective of this software solutiojn is in fact to create modern, cutting edge and very appealing presentation of properties that are also named virtual tours,  as it basically creates some sort of a 3D presentation of any kind of apartment, house, villa or other kind of property.

Due to the extreme popularity of this kind of listings and also due to the fact that this software solution also has more than the basic marketing tools needed in order to generate great leads over a short amount of time (and also due to the fact that the lead to sale ratio is better than in the case of conventional advertising) the TourWizard became one of the most iwde spread virtaul tours generator software solutions out there.

Also, one of the main advantages over the compeeting software solutions that are doing the same kind of virtual tours, this solution was developed in such a way that it would allow even the non technical users to be able to create a presentation in no time, and share that presentation on the social media, which is simply great.

And more than everything, Tour Wizard has a great support team, that would help any client in achieving the best possible results in a very short ammount of time, without the hassles and problems that one would encounter with the other solutions.

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