vineri, 19 august 2016

Massage in Bucharest - where and how

If you want to know more about erotic massage in Bucharest - where and how, or other details this is not the place where you would find this kind of information as I don't really have the necessary know how.

What will you found here is my overall experience with different massage saloons from Bucharest, where I am going once in a while in order to relax.

This ideea with the massage first come to mi mind a couple of years ago, when I was doing some over time at my work place and needed some kind of relaxation, while I did not have the time to go for instance for a couple of days in the mountains or at the sea.

So, for the first (and to be honest the last) time, the management of that company was quite helpfull, as they hired a professional masseuse that was going from office to office to offer free massage services for the employees.

So, as I am a pretty inventive guy I have decided to bribe her in order to give me more from her time in order to do the massage.

It was such a good experience and I felt so much better, relieved of the tension from my head and shoulders than from that day I began to search for massage services throughout the ciy whenever I was in need for relaxation.

Also, I found out shortly that there are a lot of massage types, with or without different substances, performed in multiple different techniques, so this was in fact my entry in the ivery interesting world of massage.

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